6,00 €

Beautiful curved button Gold enamelled concave heart, chocolate brown border Vintage and French

7,50 €

Pure trochas mother-of-pearl couture jewelry Reflections of white with spiral-shaped shears Timeless style guaranteed

4,50 €

Charming pressed glass button Round and shiny Chanel red with a silver thread Vintage original 30s

5,00 €

Flower sewing button Set of anise green and fir green petals Vintage 40/50s

7,00 €

Magnificent haute couture log button Silver glass with its fringed middle French manufacturing, vintage from the 20s

3,50 €

Small feminine button Turquoise blue with a pearly pearl in the center French manufacturing, Original 60s

6,00 €

Two-color oval button Gold curved base and malachite green contours Vintage, French

14,00 €

Beautiful haute couture button Petrol Blue Galalith light alliance of steel gray metal mesh French manufacturing, vintage and new

8,00 €

Majestic round button Slightly domed in pumpkin orange colors French ceramics from the 30s/40s

6,00 €

Capsizing curved button Gold concave center, mouse gray border Vintage, French

7,00 €

Beautiful ceramic button Bright, rounded warm yellow on the face French manufacturing, vintage

6,50 €

Poppy red vintage button Transparent dome-shaped resin Also available in luminous green HERE French made

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