5,00 €

Sewing button that sparkles Sparkling silver glass of mini stickers Divine vintage and French

6,00 €

Sublime oval button Two-tone with gold curved center, mineral blue on the edges Vintage 1930 and French

4,50 €

Button wonder Like a transparent pink diamond Vintage and beautiful

6,00 €

Baguette button that looks like a cocoon Matte and shiny silver metal Vintage and French

6,00 €

Small and cute sewing button Coffee bean shape In shades of blue and warm brown Vintage French production

6,00 €

Longiline baguette button Semi-matte silver metal Vintage and French

12,00 €

Couture and jewelry style Translucent resin placed on grooved metal Sublime gold and black Vintage button, French origin

7,50 €

Black dress button with sparkles Very couture Round at the edge and beautiful French production

7,50 €

Sewing button jewelry Pale yellow mother-of-pearl Round and its turtle-shaped edges French production

16,00 €

Haute couture in its forms Button neither round nor rectangular but much more Shiny black in Galalith Vintage French manufacturing

5,50 €

Pink mother-of-pearl like candy Old but new button series beautiful and magical reflections  French and vintage

4,00 €

Lovely almond green and gold sewing button Small resin cabochon imitating white mother-of-pearl in the center Exclusive BUTTONS PARADISE

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