Customize a black coat: 5 ideas that change everything!

Want to blow a breath of fresh air on your black coat? Want to bring him the magic touch, the big shot of brilliance it deserves? Why not customize it to make it unique and irresistible?

To offer originality, elegance and good mood to your garment, here are 5 ideas to customize your black coat with sewing or trendy buttons, fabric, embroidery or sequins.

It’s up to you to choose the perfect accessory, the one that will give back to your trusty coat your warmth all winter long. So here is a little overview of the possibilities available to you!

Customize a black coat by embroidering mother of pearl buttons

The advantage with the black is that it marries almost everything. However, do not go in all directions. So opt for a chic and luminous touch, personalize your black coat with pearl or white buttons, real must have of the season. Stars, clovers, big round buttons or sparkling sequins, do not be afraid, dare. And be baroque and chic!

Customize black coat
Black coat Jil Sander – White buttons Nosta BallBee ButtonsEugenia Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Customize a black coat with disco or hype metal buttons

Here, to bring a note of gaiety! Counterbalance the sometimes excessive sobriety of your black overcoat. And why not sew some fun and hype sewing buttons? Again, play the chic trendy card. Also, take inspiration from the colors of the moment: a deep blue and light gray pulling or an electric blue for these black coats from the super successful brand. Simple, effective and design!

And for a more disco note, choose a silver colored button series with blue sequins. You can also opt for pretty sewing buttons in shades of old bronze or old silver tone with an ethnic style to give e perfect contrast!

Black coat customization
Black coats by Designersoutfits – Square Disco Golden Buttons – Square Silver Disco Eighties Button seriesAfrican Mask Buttons seriesSilver Metal Jewel Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Create a game of stripes at the bottom of the coat

How to bring a graphic touch to your coat? By making online embroidery at the bottom of the garment or by sewing ribbons or strips of white fabric alternating with the black of the coat.

customise black coat
Black coats with white straps – Black Border Couture Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Very trendy this season, the black & white has the advantage to marry with different looks. And for an equally graphic result, use vintage and geometric buttons as shown below with the black and white stitch button pattern.

Replace the coat buttons by focusing on the contrast

Besides, if you want to change the buttons of your coat, choose, as indicated above, for graphic models. Play the black and white card! And to stay trendy, choose geometric buttons with bright colors! Look at these conical bleu and grey buttons looking like a Matisse painting! So original to look your black coat!

black coat look
Celine Black coatsLarge Red Gleam ButtonsRound Blue Pansy ButtonsConical Swallow ButtonsRed Stuco Couture Buttons, All by BUTTONS PARADISE

Create an Arty coat with an array of fabric or a cascade of mismatched buttons

black coat relooking
Black large coat Zadig & Voltaire – Mother of Pearl round Buttons, Dice and Flake seriesHorn Attitude Button seriesEbony Wood Hat Buttons series, all by BUTTONS PARADISE

Finally, play here the card of originality. Customize your black coat by letting the artist in you express yourself. And why not sew on the sleeve of the coat a fabric representing a work of your favorite painter? Or, add touches of color by sewing buttons of different shades and shapes. Above all break the codes and dare!

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Accessorizing one’s look: what’s the right mix?

Why and how to accessorize your look? Whether you a believer of the casual look or prefer neat outfits, the fashion accessory is fundamental. It has the ability of giving personality to your silhouette. And it becomes the detail that makes all the difference. Choosing the right accessory and knowing how to combine it with your outfits is essential. It is question of volume, color and naturally the right association of both. Here are a few examples of a good match.

Smart clothes and oversized accessories

A free-flowing dress or a long shirt, an ensemble with trousers and blouse, require a minimum number of accessories. A wide belt, a long necklace, a cuff bracelet, a large round shaped ring  will bring a touch of stylishness. Accessories deliver a dose of glamour, chic, whether ethnic or simply fashionable. Nevertheless beware of over emphasizing or hazardous color associations. Below the long streamline jacket comes with a wide belt and the earrings are magnificent, oversized. The perfect color match! The resin necklace in the dark raspberry color gives structure to outfit n°2. And it increases the effect of verticality. The examplen°3, XXL bracelets, worn on both wrists underlines the colors of the outfit but attract attention.

Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015 - Buttons Paradise's look with the Anchor Necklace model - Backstage at Marni SS16 article de Dazed
Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015
Buttons Paradise’s look with the Anchor resin necklace
Backstage at Marni SS16 article by Dazed

This Buttons Paradise look features a grey Moroccan style tunic brightened up with a large size, round shaped, two-colored ring made of Lucite with a black inlay. For a very chic effect, this accessory brings a note of style and simplicity.


A single color outfit using accessories to make a strong contrast

Once the lines and shapes are laid down it’s time to choose the colors. To round off single or two colors clothing there is nothing better than a large size accessory with a punchy color. Wearing bright color shoes can be an option, or a hat, a small bag, a scarf, a turban, a necklace, smart glasses or a bright colored large size cuff bracelet. Go for the luminous colors to wear with black, white or natural color outfits. The Buttons Paradise Georgia leather cuff bracelet brings a feminine touch to your entire look.


You can try the Cesaria yellow leather cuff. The buckle is woven brass, adding extreme brilliance and it combines beautifully with the ethnic skirt.


Plain color shirt and bib necklace or color cuff bracelet

A stunning way to break the plainness of a white shirt is to wear a bright bib necklace. The blue borderline reflects the color of the turban and the pink makes a match with the chosen lipstick. As for the second model, very ethnic style featuring an assortment of black and white bracelets. In this sequence the idea is to strengthen the contrast in colors with simplicity and keep the minimalistic graphic features.

Photos et Looks à retrouver sur le blog Lirons d’elle
Photos and Looks from Lirons d’elle’s French blog

Avoiding any ‘fashion faux pas’

A few tips and a bit of common sense to avoid any mistakes:

  • Overemphasize color matching: gives a look of substantial excess. Use only one color match in this case, that’s chic.
  • Increase the number of accessories: if you don’t want to look like a xmas tree, only 2 or 3 accessories will be required maximum.
  • Mixing both refined and oversized accessories: better choose one single option, not both.

To sum it up, you need to remember it’s the fashionable! And it’s trendy details that give your outfit a subtle style. No need to overdo it. Be minimalistic to acquire a classy appearance, stylish whatever the circumstances!