Design Belt 70s Mixi Oval Pop Sun

260,00 €

I imagine Emma Peel wearing this belt! It is luminous with its yellow orange sunny tones. It can be worn high waist or low waist, over pants or over a tunic or a dress as in the photo.

More than a belt, it is a durable, pop and tangy jewel. You will love !

Note that its buckle has a very small stain but that makes all its charm and attests to its authenticity too!

If the size was not suitable, we will make your belt to measure within the limits of available leather stocks, leather from reuse requires, for a responsible fashion accessory! So, do not hesitate to send us an email or call us if necessary. 

  • One size: from 75cm to 95cm
  • Buckle Length: 8cm
  • Leather belt width: 4 cm
  • Weight: 160g

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