Frosted Off White Rhinestone Jewel Button 18-23mm

6,00 €
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I really like these buttons which are sewing treasures to discover! Their size is perfect in 18 or 23mm to adorn your skirts, dresses or jackets.

They are also ideal on a wedding dress or a dressy Spencer.

What makes them charming is their contrast between shine and matte effect. Their border (which is called reverse in tailoring-buttonmaking language) is like white frost with a hint of creamy beige. Discovering these buttons also means loving their 90s style, because they are from that period!

So review your fashion best outfits and know that these buttons are above all timeless!

I also like to imagine them on a white or off-white tuxedo. Hurry up too because this series is in limited number, 90s oblige!

Materials :Resin
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Round
Care :Washing

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