Jewelry Button Resin Silver Mirror 70s Footprints 23mm

6,50 €
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There is something magical about these buttons! You place them on a peacoat, jacket or tunic and their wow effect is immediate! They match almost all fabrics. Personally, I prefer them on a plain fabric. These buttons are small sculptures with a material effect: their plastic resin has a grooved paste.

But above all, there is under its openwork print in the style of a coral, a small mirror in gunmetal blue which captures the light: superb jewel! This series of buttons is worthy of haute couture! They are mid-70s.

Guaranteed fashion effect and there are plenty of them! Super light too because the ABS polymer is very light in addition to being recyclable, the first plastic of its kind!

Materials :Resin
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Round
Care :Washing

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