Jewel Button Gold and Almond Green Brilliant 18mm

4,00 €
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At the risk of surprising, this series of small buttons is from the 60s, end of 60 very precisely. They are sparkling with light with 1001 reflections. Small jewel buttons, they are made of ABS resin, which mimics metal perfectly. This material is a French invention from the time of a fighter pilot and his mechanical engineer: the first recyclable thermoformed plastic! Their sparkle is the delight of clothing: a top, blouse, cardigan... anything is possible.

This series is very numerous: a short message for the attention of young brands and their stylists and fashion designer to give even more meaning to a collection, vintage obliges and guaranteed effect! Consult us for our professional prices according to volume.

Materials :Resin
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Round
Care :Washing

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