Beautiful White Black Floral Glass Jewel Button 26mm

9,00 €
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Beautiful sewing buttons with a unique look! Their pattern is flowery and graphic at the same time. You have to imagine a fence dotted with flowers with white petals with a microscopic hint of red. A daring graphic in the sense of surprising for the time because these very couture buttons are from the end of the 40s. They are new and have a very beautiful shine. Thanks to their transparent glass, they marry the pattern of the fabric. The lighter the fabric, the more the buttons stand out.

But don't hesitate either on a fabric in reds or yellows. In short, they are real jewels of clothing! And I very well imagine these buttons with a Prada type.

Materials :Rhinestone / Glass
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Round
Care :cold wash and on the back of the garment

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