Small Cream White Pearl Button 7-8-9-11-15mm

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A great classic for wedding dresses or dressy outfits, here is a pretty series of old buttons from the beginning of the 20th century. These small buttons of different diameters come from a dormant stock in the Rhone Valley. Their process is artisanal. These delicate buttons are basically made of a glass or opaline bead. They were then coated with a pearly coating made from bleak scales. Bleaks are freshwater fish. The invention is French and was then adapted with cellulose varnishes. To imitate a pearly pearl required at the beginning of the 1900s, nearly a dozen baths.

I think it is useful to share this traditional know-how with you, just as I like the idea of ​​bringing these little jewel buttons back to light and in action.

Materials :Rhinestone / Glass
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Round
Care :Washing

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