Fashion Books

Boutons par Loic Allio Boutons by Loic Allio

A beautiful book presenting the outstanding button collection from Loic Allio, a true button lover who tells us his passion about this bold and multifaceted key fashion accessory.

La Vocation Sophie Fontanel La Vocation by Sophie Fontanel

Spanning the twentieth century, My Calling tells the story of a family of Armenian immigrants fascinated by French elegance. And there is no one like Sophie Fontanel, a great French novelist and fashionista to write with passion and lovely sense of humor about it!

The Button Box The Button Box de Lynn Knight, éditions Chatto & Windus

The story of women in the twentieth century told through the clothes and the buttons they wore and adorned.

4 décembre par Nathalie Rykiel 4 décembre by Nathalie Rykiel

A thrilling and refined book telling us about Nathalie Rykiel's love for her beloved mum and her passion and talent for avant-garde fashion and haute couture.

Et Dior créa VIctoire Et Dior créa Victoire by Victoire Doutreleau

Life when working for Dior Couture by Victoire D., the famous model launched by Mr. Dior himself.

Extract of the book written by Victoire D. about Mr. Dior asking for his fashion executive, known as Mrs. Button:

 ‘Please call me Mrs Button! And, as if by magic, and as soon as her name was pronounced, Jeannine, the so-called Mrs. Button would appear. Charming and tiny, she was only living for buttons. At the back of the fashion studio, behind the rolls of fabric, rows of trays contained the most beautiful buttons I've ever seen: mother-of-pearl, ivory, horn, tortoiseshell, lined, pear-shaped, curved, square, diamond-shaped ... She reigned over them(...)'

 Les coulisses de la haute couture by Martine Cartegini, foreword Inès de la Fressange

A fascinating book about fashion that will transport you behind the scenes of French Haute Couture.

Boutons de Thérèse Gandouet Boutons by Thérèse Gandouet

A timeless book tracing the history of buttons in France and worldwide that details all types of materials about the art of making buttons (French edition only).

Le Bouton Accessoire de mode Le Bouton, accessoire de mode

A magnificent catalogue published for the major exhibition dedicated to the button, a key fashion accessory by the museum of mother-of-pearl in 2014. 

Déboutonner la mode Déboutonner la mode

Rather difficult to translate in English but I will give it a try: “unbuttoning fashion” is a key book presenting the major exhibition that was held in Paris last April 2015. Again, this book will give you a great outlook of Loic Allio button collection: from haute-couture buttons to fun buttons! 

Buttons for the collector by Primrose Peacock

A complete book that has ever been written with over 3,000 buttons, covering all periods, materials, and manufacturers, are pictured and identified. 

Fun Buttons by Peggy Ann Osborne

Un ouvrage amusant pour découvrir tous les thèmes créatifs du bouton.