The best tips for shining with your belt

At a time when fashion is more inspired than ever by the past, the belt is making a comeback and is displayed with a hell of a dose of style. And there are 1001 ways to wear it to shine!

How to stand out with your belt?

madonna fashion belt
Madonna Design belt – Unique piece ©buttonsparadise

A belt is an accessory that enhances your style. Take a coat that is flexible or less flexible but straight, and your belt, worn over your clothing, will do the rest. Because it makes it possible to highlight the volumes and the cut.

Even more stylish: sport your belt over a cape and do so just above waist level. In this case, elegance is the order of the day.

madonna belt to shine
Madonna Design belt – Unique piece ©buttonsparadise

On a dress or a tunic, your belt dresses you. Wear it low or looser to showcase your hips. On a tunic it also reminds us of a wind of 70s looks that we love. In addition, it highlights your outfit. Also, on a gandoura or sari, it works wonders and makes you shine in the blink of an eye.

Even simpler, wearing a belt over a long shirt is a big tip. Again, it is better to put it at the level of your stomach or lower at the beginning of the hips.

fashion bijou belt
Mixi oval pop sun belt – Unique piece ©buttonsparadise

More classic but just as sublime in the loops of your pants, high waist or low waist, making sure to tuck your top or shirt into the pants, the belt gives you the look you want.

All styles of belts are allowed!

Straight, tied, rigid or flexible, stretchy, with knots, without knot, to each his own style.

Useful, the belt becomes an attractive fashion item. It charms the garment and our feminine forms.

french belts that shines
Mixi Bijou Belts – Limited edition by ©buttonsparadise

In Japan, you can wear it over an Obi-style kimono. In the US, it’s stiffer with a touch of Texan styling and a Mexican-inspired metal buckle.

beige belt with a metal heart
Love Love belt – Tribute to YSL – Unique Piece ©buttonsparadise

Whereas in Europe, the belt mixes and mixes with all our outfits. No doubt because it has become indispensable in our wardrobe. Moreover, Yves Saint Laurent liked to tie it, in soft leather or silk around our waist. This is still so true today.

Iconic examples of feminine belts

blue belt with a golden buckle
Design fish buckle belt – Unique piece ©buttonsparadise

Do you know the looks of Brigitte Bardot dressed by the stylist Jean Bouquin in the 70s? Here, the belt dresses BB in a low waist over cotton veil tunics. she also wears it over her ultra-short denim shorts. More obvious are also the large belts of Brigitte Bardot, worn high waist on a gingham skirt in “Et Dieu Créa la Femme!”

fashion bird belt
Design belt 80s Bird buckle – Unique piece ©buttonsparadise

At the extremes, or the antipodes, there are also the futuristic large belts of Jane Fonda in Barbarella in addition to the ones she wears every day from the 60s until today.

More recently, Mindy and Emily in the legendary Netflix series, Emily in Paris are lovers of belts!

emily in paris belt accessory
Mixi Beige Bijou Belt design for Emily In Paris – Limited Edition ©buttonsparadise

And even more in season 2 of the American series which features a very French fashion, deliberately colorful.

With Emily in Paris, it is a parade of feminine and ultra-trendy belts.

Watch for example how Mindy, alias @ashleyparklady reveals a beige patent leather jewel belt with a very graphic oval buckle. It comes from a pretty French brand, @buttonsparadiseparis, which mixes pop buckles, colorful and adorned with patent leather. A beautiful example of a belt that dresses a dress close to the body, in a solid color and which is highlighted with this hype accessory.

The secrets of a beautiful belt

There are belts that are worth a look. Because they are worn with our most refined outfits to better showcase our figure.

The Mixi is a jewel. On top of that, it is innovative and lightweight. Its buckle is in ABS resin. ABS is a polymer resin, a French invention of a fighter pilot at the end of the 1960s. At the time, it was not a question of buckles and even less of a belt for women but of a car since this material was chosen to produce the body of the Méhari Citroën. A car for the beach, light and very resistant to impact. It is also a material that thermoforms easily. What is less known is that this resin is 100% recyclable. From this unusual material for the time, belt buckles like those that make up the Mixi are from 1968 were born.

colorful belts
Mixi bijou belt designed for Emily In Paris Netflix Series ©buttonsparadise

In addition to being rare and original, the Mixi buckles can be changed to suit our outfits if desired.

And if it is a jewel, it is because it hugs the waist thanks to its leather ribbon, also recycled, without hole or barb but with magnets. A limited series and a fashion accessory which is also handmade in Paris!

Good to know for a perfect fit

Do not wear your belt too low if your hips are generous but rather high to emphasize your figure.

When you want to highlight a loose sweater or mesh, don’t hesitate to wear your high waist belt!

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