Stand out: a matter of style?

Stand out and distinguish yourself while remaining yourself! Here, everything is a question of look and differentiation in malicious and smart “fashion”. And I promise you tricks of style!

stand out fashion style
Blue outfit Comme des garçons ©pinterest regram

How to stand out: question of look?

First, it’s a question of detail. Because it is THE detail that makes the difference, ouiiiiii (in French of course) !!!! But it is also a matter of different codes. Let me explain myself: you tend to dress in black because you worship? Do you like pants and less skirts and you are addict pants? Do you like sober colors and dare less canary yellow?

red and black style
Red zen bowls – nail polish carmin red on black and white dress – Red stiletto style ©pinterest regram

Slowly break the codes of your dress code.
Brighten the black with a touch of color: a bag, a scarf or a jewel.
– Finally, put on a panties skirt or a wrap skirt with opaque tights to feel comfortable but without pants!
You will then see your friends or office colleagues take a different look at you that will make all the difference …
And do not be fooled! These recipes are mine. I admit that they work wonders. Photos and ideas of styles to support. So follow me, please… and thank you 🙂

Tip # 1: revisit your classics

Against this you can think, here I am going to talk makeup. After all, to be beautiful does not only pass through the habit 🙂 A note of red Parisian lips and / or nails and voila. The message is here to be sober but focused: the right beam of color you need on your face to change everything. And if you can not tolerate lipstick unless it’s natural, go for it on your shoes.

stand out a matter of black and red style
Sneakers Gazelle by Adidas – Lipstick Parisian red ©pinterest regram

You are an absolute raven all dressed in black … like me? A pair of Red Gazelle Adidas and white with a crazy chic. As for the more sophisticated version, heels in the manner of red Louboutin on and not necessarily below will make the best of effects.

Tip # 2: Match your accessories

Like Mansurgavriel, my darling of the moment, the bag is the best for an original look. Bucket bag or tote bag in XXL version, they affirm a look in the blink of an eye. And above all, avoid the tone on tone: no black bag on black or pink on pink … And on a plaid coat, better to opt for a color completely different from your fabric. You will only be more beautiful, coat and bag included!

Stand out fashion style hand bag
Left, MansurGavriel 2018 – Right, street style hand bag by Moreau ©pinterest regram

However, if you are not “handbag” (French expression!), there is also the scarf-accessory: jewel of the hair for a bohemian style or 70s or jewel on the wrist such a cuff. It’s clever, casual and charming. My opinion anyway. And without forgetting the belted scarf, another way to accessorize singularly a skirt or pants.

Stand out fashion style scarf
Scarves knotted ponytail or scarf wrist jewelry, street style ©tumblr regram

In short and in matters of accessories, everything is possible. Moreover, the Attelier (with two T) by BUTTONS PARADISE diverts the buckle of a belt to wear in bracelet design. Sublime crossbreeding design for a unique style.

stand out fashion style button style
Button and mesh skirt Zara 2018 – Black button Top Coat and Tawny button by BUTTONS PARADISE – Velvet and button dress et boutons Dolce Gabbana

Tip # 3: button up!

Because the English are used to having this pretty expression: “as cute as a button” (i.e. as pretty as a button), the button is also of all styles and accessories. In optional sharp mode, play sizes and materials of your buttons on a dress in the manner of J.W.ANDERSON or DOLCE GABBANA. Moreover, Zara this year is not mistaken: the collection uses and plays sewing buttons as nobody. A beautiful source of inspiration I find to revisit a jacket or accessorize a dress.
And a beautiful way to stand out without ostentation while remaining yourself!

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Awaken the charm in you!

Why not give yourself 5 minutes break to discover or rediscover 3 tips of elegance, presence, even charm! A nice introduction to soft skills, to be yourself, before your holidays, to better savor your friends, your loves and your life!

marilyn monroe style
Irresistible charm – Marilyn Monroe

What about walking harmoniously?

First, here’s what NOT to do:
– Try anyone’s approach. Your bones are yours. Your approach must match your personality.
– Walk with your shoulders.
– Walking by pressing the heel before pressing the tip of your foot (you know the expression: to walk on the feet? Well, just stop, step on you will see, it changes your life!).
– Knit knees.
– Make steps too big or too small (see Olive in Popeye!)
– Roll your hips (it’s overused you can not find? Except on catwalk shows and if you’re a model … and still !!!)

Charm elegance
Left, too fast walk – Centre, elegant walk – right, relaxed walk – Flashmode trends

And to walk with charm, here is what to do:

– Practice daily five minutes walking along a straight line like a tightrope dancer, ensuring your balance with your arms.
– Place each foot straight in front of the other and turn around by turning on your feet, turning your entire body just a second before turning your feet.
– After three minutes: walk more freely along two parallel bars (on subway travelators or in a corridor, yes, in a hallway at home or elsewhere!).
But be careful: do it by touching the walls or ramps with your hands, holding your feet straight in front of you and putting a book on your head (very important!).
– To avoid rolling your hips, practice moving your weight from the back foot to the front foot, relaxing your knees and without pressing on the hip joint.
– Learn how to keep your bust stretched, neck up, your chest raised above the rib cage (= back straight), as if your legs were hooked!
– Also, take care of the swinging of your arms. It is rhythmic: the right arm advances at the same time as the left foot. The left with the right foot.

Above all, get off well!

You may remember that famous phrase of Cécile Sorel by the famous French novelist Stendhal: “Did I have it down well?” When she arrived at the bottom of the monumental staircase of the Casino de Paris? So, if you follow my advice, then you will not have to worry about going down or climbing stairs! But above all, you will have the expected charm!

charme elegance
Target Store – Photo ©AlanPeters

To go down stairs, what NOT to do:
1. Walk your knees apart.
2. Tap heels.
3. Tilt the bust forward.

What has to be done:
1. Turn slightly to the side to see the steps without being forced to bend over.
2. Stand upright, bending the back knee, until the front foot touches the step!

Make the stairs rise!

To climb a staircase, what NOT to do:
1. Climb up the ramp.
2. Bend and drag along the steps. Especially not to do!

What has to be done:
1. Tilt your body slightly forward while carrying the weight higher than your hips.
2. Place one foot firmly and push up with the other, lifting the knees just enough to ride smoothly.

Charm elegance style look
Target Store – Photo ©AlanPeters

Sit down with grace

What you should NOT do :
1. Falling down on his chair.
2. Sit on his backbone (!).
3. Wiggle or lay your legs apart, feet turned inward.
4. Lay his legs like snakes.
5. Have a round back or sit up and bring out your posterior!
6. Put your hands on your thighs.

Charm elegance
How to be elegant all all situations – Courrèges 1960 – Woman in bathing suit Galerie Léadouze

While to sit down with charm, here’s what to do:

1. Take a chair with a straight back. Place it at one end of the room.
2. Then, about 30cm from the seat, look at the backrest quickly, turn, slide one foot behind the other, under the edge of the chair, bend your knees and lower your hips keeping your back straight. Sit down straight away, without crossing your legs, with your knees together.
3. Once installed on the chair, push the tailbone against the backrest.
4. Stand straight, head up, ribs raised above waist, neck up.
5. Keep shoulders back, low and flexible.
6. Finally, if you cross your legs (for those with long legs especially), cross them very high, on the thighs, so that they remain parallel from the knees.

In summary, with these few tips, your charm and your elegance will be great (i.e. at the top of your femininity). But above all, never forget that you are beautiful!!!

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To discover our couture buttons & fashion accessories,
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