Accessorizing one’s look: what’s the right mix?

Why and how to accessorize your look? Whether you a believer of the casual look or prefer neat outfits, the fashion accessory is fundamental. It has the ability of giving personality to your silhouette. And it becomes the detail that makes all the difference. Choosing the right accessory and knowing how to combine it with your outfits is essential. It is question of volume, color and naturally the right association of both. Here are a few examples of a good match.

Smart clothes and oversized accessories

A free-flowing dress or a long shirt, an ensemble with trousers and blouse, require a minimum number of accessories. A wide belt, a long necklace, a cuff bracelet, a large round shaped ring  will bring a touch of stylishness. Accessories deliver a dose of glamour, chic, whether ethnic or simply fashionable. Nevertheless beware of over emphasizing or hazardous color associations. Below the long streamline jacket comes with a wide belt and the earrings are magnificent, oversized. The perfect color match! The resin necklace in the dark raspberry color gives structure to outfit n°2. And it increases the effect of verticality. The examplen°3, XXL bracelets, worn on both wrists underlines the colors of the outfit but attract attention.

Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015 - Buttons Paradise's look with the Anchor Necklace model - Backstage at Marni SS16 article de Dazed
Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015
Buttons Paradise’s look with the Anchor resin necklace
Backstage at Marni SS16 article by Dazed

This Buttons Paradise look features a grey Moroccan style tunic brightened up with a large size, round shaped, two-colored ring made of Lucite with a black inlay. For a very chic effect, this accessory brings a note of style and simplicity.


A single color outfit using accessories to make a strong contrast

Once the lines and shapes are laid down it’s time to choose the colors. To round off single or two colors clothing there is nothing better than a large size accessory with a punchy color. Wearing bright color shoes can be an option, or a hat, a small bag, a scarf, a turban, a necklace, smart glasses or a bright colored large size cuff bracelet. Go for the luminous colors to wear with black, white or natural color outfits. The Buttons Paradise Georgia leather cuff bracelet brings a feminine touch to your entire look.


You can try the Cesaria yellow leather cuff. The buckle is woven brass, adding extreme brilliance and it combines beautifully with the ethnic skirt.


Plain color shirt and bib necklace or color cuff bracelet

A stunning way to break the plainness of a white shirt is to wear a bright bib necklace. The blue borderline reflects the color of the turban and the pink makes a match with the chosen lipstick. As for the second model, very ethnic style featuring an assortment of black and white bracelets. In this sequence the idea is to strengthen the contrast in colors with simplicity and keep the minimalistic graphic features.

Photos et Looks à retrouver sur le blog Lirons d’elle
Photos and Looks from Lirons d’elle’s French blog

Avoiding any ‘fashion faux pas’

A few tips and a bit of common sense to avoid any mistakes:

  • Overemphasize color matching: gives a look of substantial excess. Use only one color match in this case, that’s chic.
  • Increase the number of accessories: if you don’t want to look like a xmas tree, only 2 or 3 accessories will be required maximum.
  • Mixing both refined and oversized accessories: better choose one single option, not both.

To sum it up, you need to remember it’s the fashionable! And it’s trendy details that give your outfit a subtle style. No need to overdo it. Be minimalistic to acquire a classy appearance, stylish whatever the circumstances!


The long necklace: how should you wear yours?

AW 2016 Defilé Loewe © Vogue AW 2016 Defilé Chanel © Vogue Wooden Doggy Original Button Necklace by Buttons Paradise © Buttons Paradise
AW 2016 Defilé Loewe © Vogue
AW 2016 Defilé Chanel © Vogue
Wooden Doggy Original Button Necklace by Buttons Paradise © Buttons Paradise

Long necklaces are great, adding flair and fluid movement to any figure. But how should you wear a long necklace to show it in its best light? How can you really make this accessory work its magic? Long necklaces always look very chic, accessorising any outfit and adding a certain touch of femininity that never goes out of fashion. Coco Chanel was already sporting this look back in the 1930s, and it’s still celebrated in fashion shows everywhere today. So which type of long necklace should you opt for, and what clothes will it work best with?

Whether you opt for an ethnic style or a simpler look, retro shapes or a graphic-design piece; the long necklace is a statement piece in its own right. For truly irrefutable style, simply pair this accessory with basics: a turtleneck sweater or t-shirt, trousers and pumps and you’re good to go! Remember to adapt the length of the necklace to suit your figure, though. It should sit somewhere between your chest and your stomach button: any longer and it will just get in the way. If it is too long, simply tie a knot in the necklace, or pass it through a stylish buckle.

SS2015 Delpozo © Bazaar SS 2015 Celine © Cline HIPPIE SHAKE, SS2015 Edun © IMAXTREE
SS2015 Delpozo © Bazaar
SS 2015 Celine © Cline

So how should you be wearing a long necklace?

  • Rule N°1: match a long necklace with basics. Go for a blouse, a plain vest-top, a dress or tunic, or an understated t-shirt or jumper. Work a simplified look to really showcase the necklace’s design. It’s time to de-clutter your style to the max!
  • Rule N°2: choose the right neckline or collar. Opt for boat necks, round necks or V-necks, especially if this necklace is the only item of jewellery you’re wearing.
  • Rule N°3: be daring with contrasts. Really play on the opposition between the colours of your top and your necklace: pair a monochrome outfit with a long necklace. And why not go for something original and a bit dramatic while you’re at it?
  • Rule N°4: avoid wearing your long necklace with a t-shirt that is too short, with a shirt collar or with a top that has an overbearing row of buttons.
  • Rule N°5: avoid wearing earrings with your long necklace. Making a necklace work with earrings can be a tricky business, so if in doubt, earrings are best avoided!

    Which long necklace should you be wearing?

    There are so many long necklace styles to choose from, but of course that goes without saying! There are long chains of pearls, pendant necklaces, and ethnic, graphic-design or minimalist pieces. But we’re now also seeing a whole range of long necklaces with a modern twist and reworked style. So don’t hold back: with a range of shapes, materials and colours, these necklaces are adaptable and will suit any outfit, day and night.

    This essential, timeless spirit can also be found in the long necklaces at Buttons Paradise. The Original Anchor Button necklace has a soft, organic feel about it, thanks to its resin buttons and warm, natural colours. Our Wooden Doggy Original Button necklace has more of a reworked, ethnic style about it. Fashioned out of small, vintage, wooden bone-shaped buttons from the fifties, there is a pure and essential quality to this necklace. Then there is our Original Anchor Button necklace, which is truly a timeless piece. It is the star piece in our collection, the large horn-shaped buttons lending this necklace an ethno-urban style that will work perfectly with a great many outfits.

    Original Anchor Button Necklace by Buttons Paradise © Buttons Paradise Horn Canoes Original necklace by Buttons Paradise © Buttons Paradise
    Original Anchor Button Necklace by Buttons Paradise © Buttons Paradise
    Horn Canoes Original necklace by Buttons Paradise © Buttons Paradise