Beauty and haute couture buttons

Cate Blanchett is above all a renowned actress, I’m not telling you anything new; her playing is as perfect as her beauty. From Elizabeth through Blue Jasmine to name a few, she embodies a natural beauty and elegance.

The apotheosis of her innate class is even stronger with the picture of Cate Blanchet published in The Guardian: a radiant face, Persian eyes simply accompanied by a huge pure black haute couture button on a beige silk muslin; a beautiful and elegant button as Cate Blanchett is. What a lesson in style where the haute couture button displays a pure sobriety and adorns more than a jewel, a simple silk blouse! Thank you Mrs Blanchett for this superb lesson of universal elegance. Your taste is flawless and just divine as you are!

Woman wearing a tunique in V shape with pearl buttons
SS 2016 Collection – Courtesy of Aouadi

It is not surprising that you have allowed us to discover, for the promotion of the movie Carol, one of the rising stars of tomorrow French Haute Couture: Yacine Aouadi. His latest Spring-Summer 2016 collection is as beautiful as light with sublime pearl buttons!

woman wearing a a long silk dress adorned with pearl buttons
SS 2016 Collection – Courtesy of Aouadi

A crazy work and a style that celebrate women and love as these dresses decorated with pearl buttons asked one by one, which required hundreds of hours of work! An exquisite set of Haute Couture that could have been inspired by Cate Blanchett herself! A tribute to two talented personalities!


Jewelry Buttons from 2016 Spring-Summer Couture fashion shows

What are the jewelry buttons from the latest spring/summer 2016 couture shows? Eclecticisms seems to be the key word:
– Some rather classic collections for Chanel and Dice Kayek;

Lady wearing a long skirt and a beige and white jacket
Chanel SS 2016 © Indigital for Vogue UK
woman wearing a black summer coat with large buttons
Dice Kayek SS 2016 © Vogue

– Cubist and graphics couture lines for Victor & Rolf while Dior is straight and wise but yet so stylish. And among these renowned fashion names, all are using jewelry buttons or haute couture buttons!

Young woman wearing a white dress and a black brooch
Victor & Rolf SS 2016 © Vogue

– Nevertheless, I still remain a fan of the 2015 summer collection from JW Anderson (yes, 2015) who matches haute couture buttons of different sizes to give an aesthetic look and style to outfits like no one. That is said!

Woman with a beige tunique and large horn buttons
young lady wearing a blouse and short skirt with a leather black collar

Going back to 2016 spring wear, Proenza Schouler plays with contrasts and shapes and uses simple black buttons and the result is absolutely amazing!

Two women wearing black and white outfits with black buttons
Proenza-Schouler SS 2016 © Vogue

I also have a crush for the staging of one haute couture button made by Armani for its 2016 summer show! This single button must be a jewel: it is THE detail of the outfit, a sober slim black button that catches your eye and makes breakneck speed lines of the clothing: pizzazz!

woman wearing a light pair of trousers with a nice black button on a belt
Armani Couture 2016 © Vogue

And if we had to celebrate a jubilant fashion, the award would most certainly goes to Dolce & Gabbana for their 2016 spring/summer ready to wear collection: it is colorful, cheerful and even bold and it is surely high in buttons!!!

Woman wearing an orange skirt with black buttons
Dolce Gabbana SS 2016 © Yannis Vlamos – Vogue

Love buttons love Valentine’s Day!

Telling someone we love them is a precious gift – why not say it 365 days a year! And if per chance we forget to do so, Valentine’s Day is there to remind us on February 14th each year. But let’s not forget the love buttons!

hand painted buttons written in French from 1930's

These are true love buttons – sublime and rare hand painted buttons from the 1930s. Their “I love you, a little, a lot, passionately…” is a beautiful way to celebrate love.

beige hand painted buttons from France in the 30's

One can easily imagine them being worn by our great-grandmothers or our great aunts. I imagine them sewing these love buttons to surprise their husbands or loved ones for a romantic diner or even better, to declare a budding love!

For this reason, when sewing buttons become love buttons, it’s a beautiful and original way to celebrate the feast of love no matter what you are wearing…

squary and red hand sewing buttons
Red Square button © BUTTONS PARADISE

Those beautiful red buttons or crystal buttons that will delight those who wish on Valentine’s Day to transform their daytime outfits into festive attire!

For those who wish to know the origin of these love buttons, my best friend Julie offered them to me. This is just a small sample of the button collection that belonged to her grandmother. The button lover that I am cannot thank her enough for such a beautiful gift…

crystal sewing buttons shaped like a champaign glass
Champagne Button © BUTTONS PARADISE

Netsuke button: a stich in time

bouton en ivoire sculpté petit homme avec enfant sur épaule
Bouton Netsuké en ivoire © BUTTONS PARADISE

Initially, I did not know what this small carved figure of a man represented: a samurai with a child, but what was the feature of this beautiful object? It was equipped with two holes, one of one centimeter at the base and the other, smaller, on the back. And it is these holes that intrigued me. After searching on the Internet and taking the time to test if it was ivory, I was rapidly convinced that this carved item was the distant ancestor of our sewing buttons and that it was Japanese: the Netsuke. Indeed, the Netsuke is an extremely refined carved button. Did you know that all its surfaces are smooth to avoid damaging the fabric of the kimono, much less hurt the man that wears it? Did you know that they often featured human figures, life scenes or animals? Besides being functional, the Netsuke also symbolized a social rank, sometimes a trade or expressed for some of them, among the most rare, a carved love scene!


bouton japonais en ivoire vue de dos
Bouton Netsuké vu de dos, en ivoire © BUTTONS PARADISE

And all because kimonos have no pockets, the Netsuke was simply the button that allowed its owner to attach a box (sagemono) to the kimono by a string, containing his belongings. So refined, a button really deserves a name to the delicate pronunciation of Net-su-ke!

bouton japonais en ivoire vue de sa base
Bouton Netsuké en ivoire, vu de sa base © BUTTONS PARADISE

Original buttons novelty by BUTTONS PARADISE

We often talk about innovations on the Internet. But what about haute couture buttons? How do you define a genuine novelty for sewing buttons? Are they mainly similar or radically different? Whatever kind of buttons they may be, they are key fashion accessories that will make the difference to enhance your outfits and to create this difference, we should refer to them as original buttons. This is what BUTTONS PARADISE wishes to offer you when we speak about innovations, we think originality above all!

boutons colorés sur cuir et feuilles

And for this winter in particular, innovations relate to ultra-chic and tailor-made sets of buttons; here are some examples.

bouton en bois et résine pastelle sur tweed
Bouton Galaxie Pop © BUTTONS PARADISE

The Pop Galaxy button series is handcrafted and ultrafine. These fashion buttons have a delicate roundness and they are composed of colored resins inlayed, in a wood from New Caledonia: the Pittosporum Pentandrum. This wood is extremely lightweight and its colors range from very light beige-pink to intense brown. Its veins are fine and delicate: a pure delight-sewing button for chic and ‘tangy hues’ outfits. The Pop Galaxy buttons can be made in four different sizes: from 20 to 50 mm.

Bouton beige en plusieurs couches de nacre

Also new in this collection: the Placuna button. It is made of mother-of-pearl from an oyster as round as a circle, the Placuna Placenta. This oyster is sought after for its pearls and the quality of its MOP, so fine that it lets the light come through. This is why our ancestors, a few hundred years ago, used this oyster instead of glass, as its shell is translucent. The Placuna button is made of 6 mother-of-pearl layers crimped with gilding at the ends. It captures the reflections of the fabric and it is as beautiful as sunshine. It is a divine jewelry button to wear on a party outfit, a top or jacket in all seasons. Like any luxury handcrafted button, the Placuna button is made to order and is available in two sizes to better highlight the purity of its mother-of-pearl: 40 and 50mm diameter.


Original Haute Couture Buttons

After the launch of its French e-store last October, BUTTONS PARADISE opens up new markets to welcome international clients and fashionistas with an e-shop in English: pizzazz !!! I like by the way this expression from the famous and talented Diana Vreeland (Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue). As you may know, Diana V. often ended her sentences with this happy and resonant word: for me and as I am French, pizzazz simply means great. And yes, it’s great!

Bouton carré avec des formes de fleurs ajourrées
Bouton corne Claustra © BUTTONS PARADISE

It’s great because after a year of strenuous work and research to bring to you some original buttons and fashion accessories, mainly buttons, BUTTONS PARADISE is happy to present its winter 2015-2016 collection.

two square-shaped buttons on silk fabric
Ethno-quattro design button © BUTTONS PARADISE

Indeed, this winter, we offer a collection mainly composed of large buttons, often round but also rectangular or square-shaped buttons. They will become the undisguised sparkle of your day wear or evening outfit … not to mention your key accessories for a bag or a hat that buttons will adorn like a piece of jewelry.

Boutons corne en forme de buchettes géantes
Bouton Ethno-Urbain XXL © BUTTONS PARADISE

Some of you may wonder why BUTTONS PARADISE chooses XXL button sizes to represent what is traditionally the smallest fashion accessory? Simply because big or extra large buttons give a specific and unique touch to your clothing, especially coats. And this winter as you know, the ultra-chic trend is towards oversized coats like those from the eighties and the nineties! We just LOVE them.
Just because this winter in buttons will also be full of luxury and refinement with haute couture buttons collection, the XXL urban-ethnic button will be ideal to give an ultimate look to your coats and hats.

The urban-ethnic button is also the centerpiece of a unique and original necklace: the Canoes necklace, a BUTTONS PARADISE limited edition, so smart.

collier avec des boutons de corne géants
Collier Pirogues © BUTTONS PARADISE

Other trends that you will also discover in our mother-of-pearl design buttons collection, with buttons like the shape of a puzzle! Many of them are ideal for big jumpers and cardigans, especially if you play with button sizes. Absolutely delicious and so trendy!

bouton en nacre en forme de puzzle
Bouton Puzzle de nacre © BUTTONS PARADISE

We hope you will enjoy the new BUTTONS PARADISE collection that dresses and undresses bold and multi-faceted buttons!


Fashion buttons from the Fashion Weeks

gros boutons iconiques lors des fashion weeks
firstVIEW © Victoria Beckham, Fendi, OSMAN

Fashion Weeks are gone for this season. It is now time to pay tribute to the designers who love buttons! Haute couture button trends to catch up with are just beginning and fashion designers are becoming more and more keen to play around the smallest yet the most ‘stratéchic’ fashion accessory.

During the fall 2015-2016 fashion shows, JW Anderson, the young Irish designer, gifted darling of England’s Haute Couture, highlights giant buttons at the heart of his creations:

– A long tunic plays around giant horn buttons, each of them in a different size; a stylish and fancy feast that makes all the difference!

tunique noire avec des boutons corne géants
J.W. Anderson © Farfecht

– A beautiful leather skirt adorns a huge fake vintage-loop style button, pizzazz!

jupe portefeuille en cuir beige avec boucle-bouton géante
J.W. Anderson © The Guardian

– Glamorous metal and shiny buttons on a man’s coat; again, a true boldness and creativity that depict the button like no one.

manteau velour homme avec boutons en métal
J.W. Anderson © Becauselondon

Then comes Marc Jacobs who mixes styles by combining chic and luxurious big buttons on a safari jacket made of superb pure black woolen fabric. Marc Jacobs magnificently overacts to impress us and delight us. Bravo!

saharienne noir avec de gros boutons assortis
Marc Jacobs © Mailonline

Finally, haute couture button trends from highly esteemed fashion designers, Victoria Beckham and Derek Lam that give us a top show:
– Two large horn buttons accessorize a stylish winter culotte-skirt
– Long and lean funnel-neck dress with two big silver-grey buttons, like two pretty brooches!
Again, the surprise is absolute and gives haute couture buttons a central role!

robe noir avec deux gros boutons blancs à la taille
Derek Lam © Trend Council
jupe culotte moutarde avec boutons en corne
Victoria Beckham © AP / Mailonline

In short, you have understood that this winter is all about buttons and this is welcome news indeed!


Haute couture buttons dress code

If we had to tell sewing buttons tales, we would need to praise men as they button up significantly more than the fairer sex! Does this mean there is a dress code for traditional sewing buttons? These illustrations are primarily intended to guide you through the various possibilities in the art of the fashion buttons! And we, BUTTONS PARADISE, we simply adore it!

drawing of a women with sewing button indications

In the first instance let’s celebrate women who wear haute couture buttons in many ways: original iconic single buttons, fancy buttons or why not love and sensual buttons. Indeed what man has not dreamed of unbuttoning the dress or the top of his beloved girlfriend? To do so, it is not more seductive if your buttons are charming, plump to perfection and soft to touch and thus ultra-feminine!

To better guide us, a woman will have on average:
– From 6 to 12 haute couture buttons on a coat
– From 4 to 13 design buttons on a jacket or cardigan
– From 3 to 8 fashion buttons on trousers, on a skirt or a tunic,
– From 6 to 9 high fashion buttons on a blouse or a top.

Regarding men, the average number of sewing buttons tends to increase:
– From 10 to 21 fashion buttons on a coat
– From 6 to 9 fashion buttons on a jacket
– From 1 to 5 sewing buttons on trousers depending on whether or not the pants has back pockets
– For a shirt: from 6 to 12 mother-of-pearl buttons.

drawing of a man with sewing button marks

Finally and for babies or young children, the number of sewing buttons to consider will be:
10 buttons on average for pajamas
– For a sleeping baby bag, 2 sewing buttons
– For a coat, an overcoat, a layette, from 5 to 9 lovely buttons
– For baby pants, 7 to 8 buttons on average.

drawing of a baby with sewing buttons

Fashion buttons in auction!

Someone was bound to think of it: last September, two artists actively participated in an auction sale designed to fund the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and guess what? Some of the works of art that were for sale came from the Loubouton Collection: the ultimate in the art of ‘sewing buttons’…

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