Vintage Silver Buckles for Women's Belt

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This selection consists of silver metal buckles. Some are unique pieces, others like No. 4 and No. 5 are available in a few copies. These buckles are perfect for making a belt with fabric-covered elastic.

I communicate the width of the bridges on the back which allow you to determine the width of your elastic. Except for buckle No. 8 which is made of ABS resin (70s plastic that imitates metal), the others are made of silver metal.

Buckle fashion periods: No. 1 is from the 30s, No. 2 and No. 3 are from the 90s, No. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are from the 70s.


  • Buckle N°1: Length 8cm / Height 3cm / Bridges on the back 2.3cm
  • Buckle N°2: Length 8.5cm / Height 5.5cm / Bridges on the back 4.5cm
  • Buckle N°3: Length 10cm / Height 5cm / Bridges on the back 4cm
  • Buckle N°4: Length 7cm / Height 5cm / Bridges on the back 3.3cm
  • Buckle N°5: Length 9cm / Height 5cm / Bridges on the back 3.5cm
  • Buckle N°6: Length 11.5cm / Height 4.3cm / Bridges on the back 3.2cm
  • Buckle N°7: Length 10cm / Height 6cm / Bridges on the back 3.7cm
  • Buckle N°8: Length 7.5cm / Height 3.7cm / Bridges on the back 2.8cm

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