Dress up a coat in 3 tips

Our coats are our darlings. We can hardly resolve to part with them but we like to revisit them. Here are 3 tips or unstoppable details to revamp your beloved coat.

Detail n ° 1: style tips

dress up a coat fashion button tips
Luxury design vintage button BUTTONS PARADISE

Because few coats have no buttons. So start by observing your pimples. Are they always on trend or in tune? Too often we overlook this important detail. Probably because a button is only considered a fastener. Only think again. The coat button is anything but a way to close your pea coat, frock coat or cape!

dress up a coat fashion button tips
Faux fur design button BUTTONS PARADISE

This is why it can have a staggering effect on clothing. Design buttons, fancy or haute couture buttons? Contemporary buttons or vintage buttons? There is something for all tastes and styles. And that’s without counting on their materials: galalith (i.e. milk resin), wood essence, molded resin or faceted glass …

dress up a coat fashion button tips
Purple Plum Design Buttons BUTTONS PARADISE

In addition, the sewing button is a reasonable budget. So do not deprive yourself of this clever and stylistic accessory.

Detail n ° 2: the crush accessory

Why crush or key accessory? I always say that THE fashion accessory is essential. So, it is above all a question of making a color shock or adding an unstoppable and identifiable one which will transform your appearance and that of your coat.

dress up a coat fashion tips
Looks of accessorized coat – royalty-free photos

Because nothing is more sad than a coat without a touch of color or a desirable and creative object, like a magical adornment. Here, the field of possibilities is vast: scarf, scarf, snood or THE bag that will highlight this centerpiece of your ultra feminine wardrobe.

dress up a coat fashion tips
Cuff bracelet on coat – L’ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

Detail n ° 3: change shape

There, I hear you say: but where does she come from? By changing shape, I mean not running to the touch-up point near you unless you are passionate about sewing!

dress up a coat fashion belt tips
Leather jewelry belts and rare vintage buckles – unique pieces L’ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

No, by changing form, I’m still in the trick. And there, the belt comes into play. Because yes, a belt can also transform the style of your coat. And whether it’s an overcoat or, on the contrary, a couture piece … haute couture.

dress up a coat fashion belt tips
Belted coats – Belts by L’ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

The belt like the button can do a lot. And then, these are fashion details that participate in the current of anti-fashion: consume less by revamping your coat or consume differently: buy vintage, re-use and revamp your adored coats!

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