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For this post, everything started with an observation and a meeting … Fashion is changing because it has gone too fast, too far. But the next generation is on the move… The new-vintage is resolutely a women’s affair towards a new fashion. Meeting around an original collaboration.

Story of a meeting

new vintage new fashion style
Emma Bonneau, colorful style © allineedisclothes

Emma came to see me in the workshop in March. When it came to a possible partnership, I went to her Instagram account and there, guess what? Total crush <3

I don’t know why but I imagine her straight out of a Sofia Coppola film. No doubt because she is herself, as if out of time; Emma does not cheat; She loves it or she doesn’t, without half measures. In terms of music, I would say that she is the fashionable side of Weyes Blood in blonde, with a dreamlike style, very colorful.

Question of values

You all know it like I do. The textile industry is the second most polluting activity in the world. It is true that to make 1kg of cotton, 20,000 liters of water are spent, the equivalent of 340 5-minute showers or 110 baths. So, the era of the 50s / 60s of hyper-consumption illustrated by the Madmen series is over.

But above all, with Emma, we share simple values: a new vintage fashion, responsible and made in France when it comes to bringing a touch of novelty. To consume less but better. Because having style is anything but a matter of money. Besides, Yves Saint Laurent was not mistaken when he fell in love with Loulou de la Falaise. Already at the start of the 70s, Loulou only dressed in flea markets, mixing looks and styles, without taboo, without prejudice for a liberated fashion.

New fashion codes

new vintage new fashion parisian style
Maggie Bracelet by BUTTONS PARADISE for capsule collection oldé.paris

This is why with Emma, we wanted to combine our strengths: – Emma Bonneau, for her vintage OldéParis e-shop and her blog, AllIneedisclothes offering vintage outfits and clothes of beautiful brands from the 60s to the 90s. She deciphers and stages genres like nobody! – Sandrine Mettetal, for ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE’s jewelry, mixing rare, vintage buckles and recycled leathers for design necklaces and unique bracelets or in very limited series. All made in Paris!

New vintage new deal

new vintage new fashion bracelets
Handmade in Paris: Maggie Bracelets by BUTTONS PARADISE

This is why, in the boom of online thrift stores, this is THE new vintage deal of the season. For the launch of the new site, BUTTONS PARADISE via its ATTELIER range (with two T’s to highlight craftsmanship with both hands!) is launching two limited series of cuff bracelets: First, the Eden Fauve cuff. Adorned with an acetate buckle, designed by its creator and made in the Jura, mounted on a recycled coral orange patent leather. Eden Fauve is available exclusively in this color on the OldéParis eshop (5 pieces created).

new vintage new fashion codes
Eden Maggie Bracelet  by BUTTONS PARADISE

As for the Eden Maggie bracelet, it is made of white recycled patent leather. The Maggie has a tangy daisy loop! In summary, a beautiful trendy cohabitation around new-vintage, at the initiative of two Parisians not quite like the others.

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