Sustainable or eco-responsible jewelry, what definition?

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The subject is debated and the trend is strong. But then, what is a sustainable or eco-responsible jewelry? So in this article, I explain to you my vision of the feminine ornaments of tomorrow that we love so much that they draw their roots in the past!

1. From vintage to eco-responsible

Who never said that an old object like a sewing button or a belt buckle had no future? Often the old and the past are mistakenly considered old-fashioned and obsolete. Except that, by dint of unbridled overconsumption, I take a new and respectful look at these details of the past. Because a garment button tells a story, that of the craftsman who made it. Because its material can be noble if the button is in horn, Corozo or Galalith.

sustainable or eco-responsible jewelry

The same goes for a belt buckle in stamped metal which reveals the art of the copper maker who created it. In fact this buckle, as in the photo comes from the South of France. She is over 100 years old. So with her, we imagine a life. The woman who carried it: a washerwoman from the fields or a woman of the young bourgeoisie?

And there begins the charm of vintage and the eco-responsible in fashion and in the world of jewelry! This is why, by vintage, I mean the best of age since it is a vintage, a beautiful vintage, unique, tasty.

2. Respect from heritage

At the beginning, it is a question of preserving an object, an accessory, which tells me its story, to give it a new breath. And there, I must tell you about the jewelry and buttons of BUTTONS PARADISE.

sustainable or eco-responsible jewelry
Design Carlotta Necklace ©BUTTONS PARADISE PARIS

Like this leather necklace which features a 100% Parisian cabochon from the 1930s. In fact, it is a detail but not that anecdotal. With this glass circle, the necklace shines and becomes unique.

sustainable or eco-responsible jewelry
Design bracelet pink and pearl muse ©BUTTONS PARADISE PARIS

There is also this muse bracelet, too, in leather from the short and Parisian circuit. And its rectangular 50s mother-of-pearl buckle that captures the light and dresses you in the blink of an eye: jeans and a black jacket on a white T-shirt or a small white sweater? You will gain followers, and I assure you, you will get a lot of compliments in return. I guess this is the magic of sustainable jewelry!

3. Vintage + Sustainable = Fashion Responsible

sustainable or eco-responsible jewelry buttons
Silver and Golden metal chain buttons ©BUTTONS PARADISE PARIS

Well, yeah ! Here is the magic equation for a future worthy of the fashion enthusiasts that we are! This is why I revere the detail of the dress. Perfecto revisited with a big button as a brooch or for your mom’s coat or the one found in a secret place enhanced with round buttons in gold or silver metal chain! Everything then becomes sustainable and eco-responsible by giving them a second life.

Like these haute couture buttons from Paco Rabanne. These are clothing jewelry in themselves! Full crush <3 and once again, everything is a question of metamorphosis with a zest of imagination when you love design!

So have you become eco-responsible or sustainable fashion or both ?? !! If you want to know more, go to BUTTONS PARADISE PARIS or 15 rue Saint Guillaume, Paris 7. You will discover a whole world where the past and the present know no borders. And finally, you can choose eco-responsible and sustainable jewelry or fashion accessories.