White Mother-of-Pearl Design Button 31mm Wedding

8,00 €
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These buttons are a must have for lovers of natural mother-of-pearl. Its diameter is masterful, its edges and four holes perfect. The rarity and beauty of this button are its curve and its thickness. It comes from dormant stock. The series is in large numbers.

To wear as a jewel button, on white, off-white or black, it shines. It's a superb solo or duo coat button, jacket button or on a loose linen overshirt or a short wedding dress cape in satin taffeta, a treat! Imagine where you like it, you will love it.

For the attention of stylists and fashion designers: this series is available in several hundred. Contact us for more information.

Matières :Nacre
Thèmes :Mode
Formes :Rond
Entretien :Lavage

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