Large Design Button Charcoal Black Truffle 40mm

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I called this button Truffle because its shape and texture remind me of a black truffle, this pretty underground mushroom!

I also think that it would fit perfectly on one of the creations of the designer Jacquemus for its excess!!!

More seriously, this imposing button is made of resin. It is light for its size and has a tunnel tail which gives it a nice fit and hold once sewn onto your coat or three-quarter length jacket. I imagine it on a thick silk, a satin taffeta where it will sit in matte contrast. On a Veronese green or imperial green, or a cinnabar red, for a beautiful combination of shades!

To better help you understand its volumes, this button is 29mm high with a diameter of 40mm.

This button is new and vintage from the 60s. At the time I put this series of haute couture buttons online, there are 26 copies so act quickly!

Matières :Résine
Thèmes :Mode
Formes :Rond
Entretien :Lavage

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