Luxury Button Green and Gold Letter H 18-23-27mm

4,00 €
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There is a certain mystery around these buttons! The H is reminiscent of a famous French brand, but there is also Chloé, whose very first ready-to-wear collection was called H. That's why I let you imagine their origin because it remains undecided!

That being said, these are buttons that shine on the garment: coat, tunic, jacket or blouse, there too everything is possible. Its chic is great, its  style even more so.It is made of ABS plastic resin, a thermoformed polymer, a French invention from the late 1960s which is the first of its kind to be 100% recyclable. A real revolution for the time. It also comes in bright yellow and orange, with gold or silver!

Notice to young designers and stylists in the fashion industry: this series is in large numbers for a nice capsule collection.

Matières :Résine
Thèmes :Mode
Formes :Rond
Entretien :Lavage

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