Design Square Button Colorful Stripes Bayadère 25x25mm

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I am in love with this beautiful series of haute couture buttons. They are as colorful as you want, joyful between white, green, red, and blue and mustard yellow. They have an unusual look. They are assembled in composite bars of Galalith, a milk protein-based material, to form four stripes sealed by two horizontal blue bars. This is a long and meticulous work of art.

So advice to seamstresses and first workshop designers and haute couture brands: you won't find other buttons as uniquely styled buttons. These buttons are a treat on a coat, deck trousers or a straight jacket.

But they will deserve exceptional cuts because they deserve the detour. And otherwise, they dance with the garment as the origin of the word Bayadère, a mix of Indian (the Indian goddess!), Portuguese which means to dance!

Matières :Galalithe
Thèmes :Mode
Formes :Carré
Entretien :Lavage

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