Jewel Button Beige and Gold 18-23-29-42mm Infinite

6,50 €
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Elsa Schiaparelli paid particular attention to the choice of buttons for her haute couture jackets. She thought they brought magic to clothing and it’s true! These buttons are in the style of Schiaparelli but a contemporary style. Their knot which crosses the face of the button makes me think of a cordial union or an infinite horizon.

This series of sewing buttons is made of gold metal, with a molded tail on the back. They are slightly hollowed out at the back which allows for a short tail for good support once sewn on your fabric.

Their light beige enamel is thick like any beautiful, very couture button! And finally, like certain buttons combining metal and enamel, their weight must be considered and it is better to favor a thick or semi-thick fabric in the sense of dense as opposed to silk.

Matières :Métal
Thèmes :Mode
Formes :Rond
Entretien :Lavage

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