Design Button Galalithe on black metal cup 28mm

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I'm crazy about these buttons. They are refined and elegant with their metal back (yes, their back is the brown metal cup) which forms a delicate and discreet collar on the fabric. To adopt on a coat or a unisex jacket because this button adapts to all kinds.

In addition, did you know that its material is responsible and natural: Galalith is a bio-plastic. It comes from the protein of milk also called casein. It is an anti-static, anti-allergic and biodegradable material and its touch is incomparably soft.

Possibility of large quantity sourcing of this button for designers, stylists and sewing and textile professionals. Contact us for more information.

Matières :Galalithe
Thèmes :Mode
Formes :Rond
Entretien :Lavage

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