Blue Resin Button Ovale Gouli 18mm

4,60 €
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Charming oval and domed seam button with mineral inspiration. Perfect for a button of jacket, dress or sweater for example, adult or child.

  • Multicolored molded resin in blue camouflage
  • Fresh and beautiful simplicity
  • Beautiful quality for this fancy button
  • An exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE
  • Home delivered within 72 hours

Exceptional set of buttons. It blends with all sorts of colors, from brown to green through red, white or yellow!

Diameter (in the width): 18mm

Diameter (in the length): 22mm

To wear on thick or fine, plain or patterned fabrics.

Easy to sew with a molded handle on the back.

Materials :Resin
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Oval
Care :Washing