Mother-of-pearl lollipop blue button 50mm

7,00 €

Magnificent mother-of-pearl button at once fun and elegant perfect to stylize your outfit

  • Large white and pale blue-green mother-of-pearl button
  • Pretty pop motif
  • 5 buttons available for sale
  • Available in different colors: purple, yellow, and orange
  • Home delivery within 72hours

Sublime set of beautiful mother of pearl buttons. With its pattern and color, it will enhance and give a touch of cheer to your look. Chic and shock at the same time, it’s a button at the forefront of originality that will make the happiness of a coat, a jacket or why not a cushion. It’s lightweight and easy to sew with its 2 holes.

Materials :Mother of Pearl
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Round
Care :Washing