Jewelry Button Gold Pale Blue Metal 18mm Double Eight

5,50 €
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I love bringing back the spotlight to these pretty little vintage sewing buttons. They are early Art Deco, probably mid 20s. Their intertwined pattern is reminiscent of the number 88, hence their name double eight. Their 18mm diameter allows them to be ideally placed on a vest, a cardigan, the shoulders of a sweater or a jacket in light fabric too.

They have a metal tail on the back. These are unusual buttons, with a chic and discreet style. to favor blue, white tones or a beautiful khaki also for an original style. They exist in larger sizes in green (on the online store) and in white (at the store, 10 rue du Pré aux Clercs, Paris 7).

Materials :Metal
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Round
Care :Washing

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