Design Button Brown Gold Pebble Ceramic 25-35mm

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I am captivated by the timeless beauty of these ceramic sewing buttons. The delicate marriage of brown and gold creates a refined alliance. Their ovoid shape evokes the naturalness of pebbles, and when you sew them horizontally, they add a very personal touch to your couture creations. Each button embodies a unique work of art, evoking the aesthetic of the Schiaparelli fashion house. Whether enameled on both sides or just on the front, this series of vintage buttons from the 1930s retains a fresh and contemporary charm. You will be seduced by their very current look, truly haute couture.

For a deeper immersion in this universe, we also offer information on ceramic craftsmanship and the history of sewing buttons. Ceramics, made from kaolin, a white clay mineral, has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. In the 20th century, it experienced a trendy revival thanks to its association with haute couture.

Ceramic buttons, rare and often the work of renowned artists, have helped shape the history of fashion. These buttons look beautiful on a variety of garments, such as tunics, coats, long open front dresses, or short evening capes. To preserve their shine and beauty, true jewels of couture, we recommend delicate washing inside out, preferably in a protective net. When dry cleaning at the dry cleaner's, be sure to protect your buttons with aluminum foil or remove them carefully.

Materials :Ceramic
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Oval
Care :Washing

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