Design Button Green and Gold Pebble Ceramic 25mm

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Here is a selection of unique sewing buttons on our site! The subtle marriage of green and gold of these buttons attracts attention with their striking contrast. Their horizontal arrangement when sewing highlights their shape evoking that of a pebble which adds an organic touch to your creations.

Each button is a sculptural work of art, reminiscent of the iconic designs of the house of Schiaparelli. Whether with enamel on both sides or only on the front side, this series of sewing buttons, although inspired by the 30s/40s, exudes novelty.

Their charm will seduce you. I find that they embody the timeless elegance of Haute Couture. To give you a better idea, here is also information on ceramic art and sewing buttons from this material. The ceramic, made from kaolin, a white mineral clay, is then tinted and glazed. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages but experienced a revival in the 20th century thanks to Haute Couture. Ceramic buttons, highly prized by collectors, have often been designed by renowned artists. When it comes to caring for your garments adorned with ceramic buttons, we recommend washing inside out and in a mesh net. If you choose dry cleaning at the dry cleaner, be sure to protect your buttons with aluminum foil or remove them gently to preserve their shine. Pay special attention to these couture gems.

Materials :Ceramic
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Oval
Care :Washing

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