Jewel Button Pearls Blue Purple Blackberries 20mm

7,00 €
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I love this series of magical jewelry buttons. They are of discreet beauty. Unisex too, because wearing these buttons on a midnight blue mandarin collar tuxedo for men or women is a treat.

The pearls are mounted by hand, on a round base then placed to form a conical dome beaded like the wild fruit of the forest: beautiful subtle blackberries. The result is sublime and these buttons are durable.

On the back, we discover the dark blue silk base with a braided rope serving as a tail. I sewed them on a black and blue satin jacket, then on a thick serge: a joy. I'm not the most objective but I love the elegance of these buttons which are pure gems! My favorite from the new collection and above all, a timeless chic style!

Materials :Resin
Themes :Nature
Shapes :Round
Care :Washing

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