6,50 €

Beautiful series of 70s flower buttons Metal and bright orange At your place within 72 hours Minimum number per size per order: 2

6,00 €

Beautiful sewing buttons in Galalithe resin Each model has a different openwork pattern To pimp a coat or jacket Original vintage - Only 4 pieces available At your place under 72h

8,50 €

Divine Seventies buttons Composite sewing buttons: Chocolate wood, Bakelite beige, silver metal Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE Pure vintage At your place within 72 hours

3,90 €

Seventies look for this contemporary button series Made in France, so fashion Dress, jacket or coat buttons Domed round buttons At your place within 72 hours

7,50 €

Superb marble resin gray green tones Very nice big coat or jacket buttons French made Fast delivery (72 hours)

6,50 €

Nature inspiration, black and brown tones Shirt, dress, jacket or coat buttons Resin with inclusion of barley seeds Vintage haute couture At your place within 72 hours

12,50 €

Unique, rare 70s vintage button series Beige resin with inclusion of real flowers To be matched with the Barley Grains Design Button series At your place within 72 hours

4,20 €

Seventies look for this made in France series Jacket, coat, dress design buttons  gloss black curved resin, trendy style At your place within 72 hours

7,50 €

Beautiful series of sewing buttons Shirt, dress, jacket or coat buttons Molded domed resin, slightly translucent green anise and white French manufacture, original trendy style At your place within...

8,50 €

Beloved series of jacket buttons, shirt or pants ... Exceptional craftsmanship, minimalist chic style Trio of exotic wood, Bakelite green anise and orange lucite French made, haute couture At your...

28,00 €

Statement button to enhance your look Magistral coat or adornment button  Matte and satin-finished Galalith resin on the edge Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE, original vintage Home delivery within 72...

6,50 €

Series of rare buttons, to play with colors on a coat! Coat or jacket button Light yellow / beige resin, decorative handle on the face Sold by 2 at least, price indicated per unit See product...

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