4,80 €

Charming tiny mother-of-pearl button showing a sheep: nice to add a personal touch to your baby's garments.

3,00 €

Cute and small mother-of-pearl sewing butterfly shaped button.

4,80 €

Delightful tiny sewing button made of mother-of-pearl and featuring a dog: perfect for a baby or young child's clothing!

4,50 €

Lovely sewing button made of ebony with a hint of resin on the side giving it a modern bohemian tone.

6,10 €

Charming and original round and yet asymmetric shaped button that breaks with classic fashion codes! 

4,60 €

Charming sewing button made of horn with a heart shape mother-of-pearl inlay on the side. It is a trendy and timeless button that will be perfect for all fashion styles. A must have for all ages...

4,60 €

This sewing button sets the scene: pure black horn in which a star-shaped mother-of-pearl inlay shines. The best casual-chic trend for this winter!

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